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Giving your Kids a Headstart in Life with Reading


Reading to your children from a young age helps lay the foundation for their learning and development. Reading to your children will help them with reading comprehension, language development, and critical thinking skills. Children need to learn how to decode words, understand concepts, make connections, and think more deeply about their reading. Reading aloud can be done anywhere, anytime – even when you are on the move!

What happens when your child grows up?

Children will be better equipped to tackle more complex stories as they grow older and begin to explore books independently. Reading aloud helps build your child’s vocabulary and can help them understand new concepts more easily. When you read together, ask questions or talk about what is happening in the story, your child will better understand the relationships between characters and become more reflective when reading.

Books for young children help build critical thinking skills essential for living in today’s world. Encouraging your child to read can also help them develop empathy as they learn about different perspectives on life from many books.

It is important to choose books that are:

1- Age appropriate

Getting books that are too difficult for your child can be discouraging and cause them to lose interest. Look for books tailored to the right age with appropriate content for their developmental level.

2- Interesting

Choose books with topics and characters your child relates to and is excited about. Try out different genres, illustrations, authors, and stories to find what appeals to your child the most.

3- Engaging

Find books that will spark conversation and engage your child’s imagination with stories that invite them to think more deeply about ideas. Reading should be an enjoyable experience for children and parents alike, so choose books that are interesting and engaging for everyone involved!

4- Interactive

Look for books with interactive elements such as puzzles, games, or activities to help your child learn. Choosing a book that is both educational and fun will ensure that your child has an enjoyable reading experience.

5- Fun

Most importantly, books should be fun! Read with your child, laugh together, and make reading a part of your daily routine. Reading can help your child develop strong foundational skills that will stay with them as they grow.

6- Diverse

Look for books that celebrate different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Reading diverse stories helps to cultivate an inclusive environment in your home and can help your child understand the value of being accepting of others.

7- Inclusive

Find books with characters representing various abilities, gender identities, and family backgrounds. Reading inclusive stories helps children develop empathy for others, prepares them to be more accepting of differences in the world, and encourages respect for all people.


Reading to your children is one of the best investments you can make in their future. Helping them develop early reading and language skills will give them a head start on life and equip them with the tools they need to succeed. With the right books, your child can explore new ideas, create meaningful connections and become an engaged reader for years to come. Start reading with your child today and watch their love for books grow!

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