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Is Simplilearn Fraud? Experience with Simplilearn Online Courses


Working professionals today increasingly focus on upskilling themselves in the constantly evolving work environment. However, apart from Simplilearn, many platforms offer digital courses. So how do you choose the one that suits your preferences and goals?

With so much information available, deciding on the right course could be utterly confusing. You may also have different questions, like is it the right platform for you, or is Simplilearn legit? The web is filled with mixed Simplilearn reviews, making it even more difficult for users to decide. The platform consistently strives to improve customer experience on its platform based on the reviews of its students.

With this article, let’s discuss everything you need to know about this upskilling platform and bust the myths that are doing the rounds of the internet. We have also listed the top 3 most popular courses of this e-learning platform and how they have changed students’ lives. Finally, we will try our best to tackle the most common question, is Simplilearn fraud?

What is Simplilearn?

It is a digital platform that provides online certification in various fields that helps learners to enhance their existing skills and prepare themselves for better career prospects. In addition, it has partnered with 40+ accredited global bodies to provide industry-relevant practical knowledge in different subjects.

The platform has helped well over 1 million professionals across 150+ countries get trained, acquire certifications, and boost their career growth by upskilling themselves. These features make it a reliable platform for professionals to upskill themselves anytime from anywhere.

Who is Simplilearn for?

If you are a working professional who has just stepped into your career and looking to improve your skills and domain knowledge, you are considering the right e-learning platform. It is also ideal for mid-career professionals who want to switch careers or gain relevant industry expertise in a particular domain.

It offers a blended learning approach through its excellent curriculum. It comprises a good mix of instructor-led classroom training, online course content, and real-world projects that complement your course. Combining this with a self-learning pace provides smooth flexibility to its learners.

Although it doesn’t offer any of its main courses for free, it does offer a few courses free of cost on Skillup, a separate section of Simplilearn’s website.

Simplilearn Popular Courses review

The most preferred course choices are explained below:

1. Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics

A joint certification course from Simplilearn and Purdue University, students have reported a 70% increase in salary after completing this course successfully. The schedule of classes is structured well to help you easily manage to learn and work simultaneously. In addition to the course material and esteemed faculties, the test assessment is well organized, enhancing the users’ upskilling journey.

Students learn the nuances of tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and Data Studio. Professionals have experienced a smooth transition into Data Analytics with a decent salary hike through this course.

Simplilearn learners also get valuable insights from industry experts that help them to prepare for their interviews.

2. Data Scientist Masters Program

This course gives a massive impetus to acquiring knowledge and polishing your skills in data visualization, statistical analysis, and computing large data sets. Students have reported getting job opportunities from reputed companies, and it is an excellent course if you plan to change your career to the data industry. The course content is curated by industry experts who give crucial insights and in-depth information about the emerging field.

The live and recorded lectures of the course help you to attend and learn at your own pace without disturbing your busy work schedule. With this approach, you can improve your career and reach new pinnacles of success.

After completing this course, you will be skilled in Python, Machine Learning, Hadoop, and Spark. Professionals have found this course ideal for a career change to Data Science.

3. Full Stack Java Developer Program

This course is highly preferred among students avidly interested in full-stack development and wishes for strong career growth. Like other courses, this course also intensively prepares the students with job interviews and placement training.

The course content comprehensively covers all the aspects of front-end, back-end, and full-stack development. As a result, Fresher students have secured jobs with attractive salary packages, with an average annual salary being more than $78,000 and the highest going up to $100,000.

You can efficiently upgrade your skills and knowledge from beginner to advanced level and acquire the position of a certified Full Stack developer whether you are a fresher or have little experience. After taking up this course, you will be proficient in using tools like MongoDB and Selenium, as well as learn the art of testing and deploying code and creating an end-to-end application.


If you want to evolve into a more versatile leader and a viable resource for your company, upskilling your professional abilities through Simplilearn must be your go-to choice. It is the right e-learning platform to enhance your professional knowledge and advance your career. The course curriculum and design are created with a focus on technology and the needs of the students. It does offer more teaching support than other platforms but also requires consistent commitment from your end.

Suppose you decide to skill up by Simplilearn courses. In that case, you will get access to globally accredited certificates, learn from top industry experts through a blended learning approach, and have consistent support throughout your upskilling journey.

Before choosing a course, sign up for a free trial, read all the course information, and, if necessary, download the course syllabus to help you decide whether the course suits you based on your current circumstances and desired ambitions.

If finances are a factor for you to consider, you can explore the list of Simplilearn free courses that match your interests. It is available on Skillup by Simplilearn. And if you are wondering if investing in Simplilearn is worth it, then be assured that it is a valuable resource based on its reputation among its employers.

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