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What are job prospects after Masters in Ireland?


Ireland is a country in northern Europe that provides excellent career opportunities with good work-life balance, employee benefits, and strong leadership qualities. There are various job prospects after Masters in Ireland and universities in Ireland for masters.

The average working week must be at most a maximum of 48 hours in Ireland. Employees are given 15 minutes of unpaid breaks after 4 hours of work and a further 6 hours of work.

It is English speaking country, it is easy to work in Ireland. There are many paid leaves that employees can enjoy. Over 1000 global companies in IT, social media, and Finance are based in Ireland. These multinationals need multi-lingual staff to help them grow.

Here are some job prospects after Masters in Ireland.

1. Engineering

The demand for Engineers has been rising in Germany since the arrival of top companies in the country. Ireland is home to many multinational companies which provide ample career opportunities. Graduates in fields such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Software Engineering are in high demand in Ireland.

These companies offer internships to students providing hands-on experience. In addition many small to medium-sized enterprises in IT and Technology provide various job opportunities in Ireland. Thus there are amazing opportunities in engineering jobs after Master in Ireland for international Students.

The average base pay in INR/Year is 47,58,500 and in Euro/Year is 53,838 with degree requirements of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Electrical Power Engineering, MSc Mechanical Engineering, etc.

2. Business and Finance

Ireland is another hub for business, finance, and entrepreneurship and offers an ample number of opportunities. Over increasing years, finance jobs have grown in the country. Almost all multinationals offer opportunities in investment banking, risk management, accounting, financial analysis, and reporting.

There are opportunities for Finance Managers, Business intelligence, Financial Analysts, and Financial advisors. Adverts for accounting and professionals increased 21% year by year. Ireland has a strong job market, and many companies are actively looking for experienced professionals but the competition can be high in the finance sector.

Ireland is fast becoming a hub for financial education globally and many top universities offer full-time and part-time Master’s courses in finance. The average salary base pay in INR/Year is 35,39,402 and in Euro/Year is 4500 with degree requirements of MSc in Finance, MSc Business analytics, etc.

3. Hospitality

Ireland beats out other popular destinations such as Vietnam, Australia, and even France with its stunning landscape and rich heritage, Ireland is a popular destination for tourists worldwide. As a result, hospitality and tourism are growing rapidly and provide a wide range of job opportunities in Ireland in hotels and restaurants.

In addition, Ireland is popular with business travelers and is famous for international conferences and events. From workers in hotels and restaurants to tour guides and event managers, there are many opportunities in this sector.

These jobs offer flexible working hours and are a good option. The average base pay in INR/Year is 30,93,500 and in Euro/Year is 35,000 with degree requirements of MSc in Hospitality, MSc in Business, MSc in Business and administration, MSc in international tourism.

4. Sales and Marketing

Those who have strong communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills will be best suited for sales and marketing in Ireland. Ireland offers many job opportunities for them. With many shopping centers, there are plenty of opportunities to work in retail from part-time sales associates to management positions. Sales and digital marketing jobs are available in different sectors like telemarketing, retail, tourism, e-commerce, and more.

Professionals in digital marketing have slightly better job prospects than the norm. Job demand in the marketing industry as a whole is expected to increase by 10% by 2026. The average base pay in INR/Year is 37,12,200 and the average base pay in Euro/Year is 42,000.

5. Information technology

The IT sector is rapidly increasing day by day. Ireland is a powerhouse of the IT sector of Europe. ITC companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Amazon have a strong presence in Ireland. Global leaders like HP, Intel, and Microsoft have established operations in Ireland. The IT sector is another job market that is booming in Ireland. This has made Ireland the heart of ICT in Europe. Because of this, subjects like computer science, Data science and IT are becoming the most considered and famous courses among international students.

There are many roles available like Data Analytics, Data scientist, IT operations management, App developer, and Software developer. The average base pay in INR/Year is 28,03,521 and the average base pay in Euro/Year is 35,644. Overall employment in this field is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations.

6. Automation Engineers

An automation engineer uses technology to make effective use of technology to improve, streamline, and automate manufacturing, electricity, and many other processes to reduce human intervention and maximize efficiency. Ireland, being the fastest-growing economy in Europe, where many organizations try to cope up with the demand of ever-shifting consumer demand, Ireland’s need for automation professionals has been rapidly increasing. The average salary of an Automation Engineer in Euro/Year is 61,563. Moreover, the additional cash compensation for an automated engineer is Euro 5000 per year.

7. Multilingual Professionals

Multilingual professionals are those who can communicate in more than one language actively. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter require multilingual professionals to ensure no language barriers. People who graduate from languages like French, German, and Dutch have a high chance of securing well-paid job positions in different departments. The average annual salary for multilingual professionals in Euro/Year is 32000-35000.


The above article discussed the various job prospects after masters in Ireland. Ireland being the hub of the IT sector and a popular destination for tourism opens an ample number of opportunities. Hence, a good option to study in Ireland for Indian students.

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