Education makes you more human

Education makes you more human


Our society is slowly deteriorating and human interaction leaves much to be desired: we don’t respect each other, we mistreat each other, we encourage frustration and hysteria to the limit, we are self-centered, we obviously ignore good manners, we allow for the purpose of justifying the means, and this without regrets. We don’t like ourselves, we don’t like what we see in others, and we shamelessly watch how, generation after generation, mud becomes more and more attractive. What should be done ?

“People without culture are easy to manipulate,” said Kant. People without education are not really free, because freedom means the development of creativity and human genius in any field of activity, from entrepreneurship to art.

There are two metaphors that underline the importance of education.If you want to have a united society, you have to have people of integrity. If the cells of a body are left to chance, you will be dealing with a chaotic situation. It is the organizational structure that gives coherence and usefulness to the whole. In the second metaphor, the education of the individual can be compared to the quality of the bricks of a building. If you want to have a solid structure, use top quality materials. No matter how ingenious your engineers are or how creative the architect is, if the base material is of poor quality, the result is compromised. In general, we agree on this point,

If each of us made an effort to become “better,” society would have an increased degree of civilization and we could find our purpose more easily. Education wins on two levels: individually and socially. Education is the process of laying intellectual foundations and moral edification.

An anecdote about Romanian philosopher Constantin Noica describes him during a visit to a secondary school, speaking to young students about the importance of learning. The philosopher presented two options: either we fall into the orbit of education and become subjects, choosing our own role within society, or we remain objects of manipulation by others. In other words, either you take charge of your life through education, chart your own path and refuse to be satisfied with the role given by society, or you become a person that others can use.

To have an education means to have a goal in mind, to go in a well-defined direction, to live your life to the full, using all the potential you are born with.

God has given you talents, extraordinary skills, intellectual abilities, but you are responsible for what you do with them. Basic education involves following a traditional academic model, but is not limited to that.

Education does not only mean the accumulation of knowledge, but also involves its transformation: the formation of skills and the formation of character. Education is a process of becoming better

Ellen White writes on this subject: “Our ideas in matters of education are too narrow, too limited. We need to broaden them and aim higher. True education involves much more than the pursuit of certain studies. It involves much more than a preparation for the present life. It concerns the entire being, and the entire duration of existence that is offered to man

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