Proofread And Edit Academic Essays

7 Effective Steps To Proofread And Edit Academic Essays


If you want to conquer in academics, ensure essential guidelines for custom essay writing help. In this contrast, proofreading is one of the most effective steps.

For assignment time tracking software writing help in Sharjah, don’t overlook the steps mentioned in this article. Thus, have a look as discussed below.

1. Grammar and Spelling Check

It is highly recommended not to overlook this essential step for your essay paper. Thus, for zero error and to master in essays, it is advisable to use a word processor or online grammar checker tools.

2. Read Your Paper Out Loud

However, you can’t wholly depend on any computer program for all of your errors. So, read it on your own just for once, and for reading, apply tricks like:

Read your essay out loud to quickly rectify mistakes

As suggested by writing experts hard copy helps you to fix mistakes more effectively

If you stumble over some words or sentences, make sure to re-write them

3. Subjects and Verbs

With appropriate usage of subjects and verbs, you can make good use of verbs and commas. Moreover, ensure that:

You are using interesting and active verbs

Make sure that you don’t miss any sentences before the subject. Thus, put a comma between that introductory element and the subject

4. Quotations

Some university essay guidelines make students to back up their assertions with quotes. Thus, it is advisable to explain the quote in your own words and support the argument that you have made. Additionally, paraphrase the author’s work in your own words to sound your paper more credible.

5. Punctuation

Wring an essay paper is going lengthy and you must not miss essential punctuation like- commas, quotation marks, colons and semi-colons and hyphens, parenthesis and dashes. Thus, apply these three main rules so that you don’t entangle any punctuation errors.

Introductory elements in a sentence. For example: however, indeed, therefore, on the one hand, in particular, for example, and in the meantime are introductory language examples.

In between items in a list. Example: For breakfast, I had cereal, juice, and toast.

Before and after quotations. Example: The music magazine said, “air guitar is the next big thing in rock.” Sharing a quotation.

6. Check Language for Tone and Voice

Students often use vivid and specific words that create an exciting voice to make the paper more appealing. Interesting Language can make your paper stand out. So, make use of an appropriate tone for your essay. Additionally, support your sentences or paragraphs with transition words, verbs and adverbs for solid Language. Hence, your content won’t go out of concept if you follow the same path throughout.

7. Do a Reverse Outline

A reverse outline will help students to recheck the arguments you have quoted in your paper

Moreover, to reverse outline, highlight the topic sentences in each paragraph and write those sentences in an outline form. Hence, read them and make sure:

They make logical sense

Have strong sentences

Follow arguments logically

Have you responded to the question about your essay assignment?

Have you listed the purpose of your thesis?

Summary:  After completing an essay, students must adhere to many vital steps. Among such is proofreading. In case you don’t have time to proofread your writing, get help from reliable proofreading services through online platforms.

Author Bio: Alley John is a dietitian, and has been giving diet tips to students for 10+ years. Ms Jones is also associated with Myassignment where he assists students by becoming their ghost writer. In addition to this, Alley likes to read books and has read over 500 books till now.

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