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Top 8 factors while selecting a hotel management college after completing your HSC.


How to find the top  hotel management college in Mumbai is one of the primary issues that students who have completed class 12 confront. In India, there are numerous government and private universities that provide hotel management programmes. Each institution has its own prestige and worth. Because hotel management education necessitates a more practical perspective than academic study, you should enrol in an institution that prioritizes internships and student training.  So, what factors should one take into account when looking for a college that offers hotel management programmes? Let’s look at some of the aspects that go into selecting or narrowing down a hotel management college after 12th grade.

Academic Achievement

Academic achievement is one of the most important criteria to consider while choosing a college after your schooling. Colleges are ranked based on the quality of their coursework and academic achievement. You can research the college’s academic honours and standings. You can also check the reviews from experts who have visited the college for postings and firms that have visited the campus for placements.


The credibility of the college is another crucial factor to consider while applying. You can’t merely say a college has high credibility because of its academic achievements. There are a number of other factors that affect the college’s credibility. Some colleges are well-known for their academic achievements, while others are well-known for their courses. The behaviour of both employees and children has an impact on the college’s credibility. For comparison, if a college has a long history of 100 percent results but there have been concerns regarding staff behaviour, enrolling in that college is not a wise move since it would hurt the college’s credibility.

Student-to-Teacher (Faculty) Ratio

The student-teacher (faculty) ratio is calculated by dividing the total of learners enrolled in an institution by the total of faculty members recruited there. Analyze this ratio at your college to find out how many students are allocated to each teacher. Institutions with an effective student and faculty ratio are indeed ideal options.


Some institutions charge high annual tuition for their courses, but they also provide loans. It is ultimately your choice whether or not you will be able to pay it back. Examining the fee structure becomes crucial because it provides an estimate of the overall costs for the entire degree programme.


Some students prefer to attend colleges that are close to home, while others are content with any place as long as they are able to obtain a degree from their chosen college.  You can also look at the college’s dorm amenities, as some colleges have hostels that are 5-6 kilometres away from the campus.


It is critical to choose an institution that has been certified by a government department. A significant number of India’s colleges and universities are accredited by the NAAC. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council is a committee that authorises institutions of higher learning throughout the United States. The NAAC certification of a college is a huge asset.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Before deciding on a college, you should consider its infrastructure and facilities. Adhering to the fact that hotel management requires a more realistic approach than theoretical learning, go for an institution that emphasises traineeship for candidates. It should also contain a lot of kitchens and dining areas for learners’ enhancement in the formative years.

Campus Recruitment

After completing studies, the candidate’s end goal is to obtain a solid placement record. You should choose a college with a good placement record. Learn about the corporations that have been coming to the colleges to recruit students. When considering placement alternatives, collaboration with businesses may be a significant factor to consider. Colleges that have partnered with hotels and other hospitality businesses offer students to gain hands-on experience in the field.

Each hotel management institution has its unique set of admissions standards and entry requirements. To be considered, you must pass the college’s selection process. There are certain colleges that select students based on their performance in an entrance exam. As a result, you should begin your training while still in 12th grade. You can also pay a visit to the institutions on your priority list to see what kind of architecture and other amenities they have to offer. Finally, once the admissions process begins, you must not wait to fill out the application form!

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